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Why hire a Drone Pro?

Our pilots are licensed and approved by the FAA to operate commercially. We have invested countless hours in learning the techniques, understanding the safety issues, experimenting and customizing the equipment, and yes, crashing, so that you do not have to. Your focus can be on the creative message while we take care of getting the right shots for you.

Can the Client be on site?

Yes, and we encourage your active involvement. That said, you don’t need to be on site once we agree to the site and video plan.

Do you carry insurance for flights?

Yes. We carry $1 million in liability on a standard shoot, and that can be increased if necessary (additional fee).

Does weather impact your ability to shoot?

Yes. The equipment is filled with sensitive electronics. If there is rain or snow, we cannot fly the craft. Wind above 8-10 mph makes it difficult to have steady shots and we do not fly in winds above 12 mph. We have mobile access to weather radar and other forecasting tools. We will usually know and plan in advance if we have to delay the shoot by hours or by days.

Can you fly over crowds of people?

We will not shoot directly over a crowd, but we can get great angle shots of crowds from safe distances. If we are on a closed location shoot, then we can hover overhead as long as all people involved are clearly briefed on safety issues. The pilot reserves discretion to adjust the flight lines for the shot to always take safety as the prime consideration.

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